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Childhood friends from Hämeenlinna Lassi Tiainen (guitar), Jesse Suvisuo (vocals), Juho Hämäläinen (guitar) and Petteri Malmlund (bass) decided to establish a band.

Along came keyboardist Petteri Korpimaa and drummer Esa-Pekka Lindholm.

Now the group was taking its final form and The Wet Colours saw daylight in february 2015.

Things started to roll forward: the band started to build their own place to practice and it was finished in spring. At first band started to play cover songs but it was soon clear that the path would lead making own songs. Although the band was still playing cover songs own songs started to take shape in the background.

The band got their manager from guitarist Lassi Tiainen’s own brother Jussi Tiainen who started to arrange new gigs for the band.

First gig took place at Forssa Status in april and during the summer about 20 gigs were done.

The Wet Colours also visited in Sound Supreme recording studio and recorded four song EP and yet more to come!

The Wet Colours gets its’ inspiration from bands such as: The Beatles, The Strokes, Oasis, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Kings of Leon, Alex Turner, Tame Impala, Temples and J. Karjalainen

The Wet Colours is a unique rock band in Finland which plays great guitar based rock, pop-rock and psychedelic rock.

Band has made 17 own songs so far.


The Wet Colours is determined to take it to the top and provide great music to all listeners!


See you at the gigs !


– The Wet Colours crew 2016


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